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Begin and end your season with our dry dock services. Prep the hull for launch with our pre-season wash, wax/polish, and anti-foul. Rest easy for the offseason with our custom-framed shrink wrapping solution.
Give your boat a “clean start” with our comprehensive spring detailing service. After launch, this initial detailing covers deck waxing and polishing, cleaning of all interiors, bilge/engine rooms, canvas and fenders.
Throughout the season, keep your boat in tip top shape with regular washing and mid-season maintenance. Spend your time on the water, and let us wield the bucket! Great for busy boats and busy captains.
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Southwinds has you covered.

We offer a full range of detailing services and packages, from wash & wax to anti-foul treatments and shrink-wrapping.
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Services and Options

Dry Dock

  • Hull Detailing
  • Anti-Foul Paint
  • Shrink Wrap Removal (Spring)
  • Shrink Wrapping (Fall)
  • Bottom Stripping

In Water

  • Deck Detailing
  • Non-skid Waxing
  • Fender Cleaning
  • Initial Interior Cleaning
  • Bilge/Engine Room Cleaning
  • Canvas Cleaning and Waterproofing
  • Steam Cleaning

Summer Maintenance

  • Deck Washes
  • Mid-Season Wax
  • Hull Wash
  • Interior Cleaning
  • Fender Cleaning

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